Captain’s Log 4/19/20

Well s^%*. It’s been so long I am not sure if should leave a snarky comment or some other BS. This is all so confusing. Here is the deal; my amazing wife, son, dog, and I have decide to sell most of our crap and pack up in the van and head to Florida where we will buy a catamaran,  learn to sail, and figure it out from there. We don’t have much, but we  have a great family dynamic and good spirits, and when the good spirits  start to fade we’ll break out the great spirits and drink  a bit. Where’s my rum? Back to it,  we’re heading to FL and we will see what happens from there. I’d  appreciated advice on boats, sailing, and good booze. Also I am culling the social media herd a bit so please be supportive/helpful or funny, other wise I really don’t have time for the BS. If I have been distant in the past I  am not sure what to say, we all have stories to tell, and now is my time to write the next chapter.


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