GEAR REVIEW// FreeFlow Swell Poncho, Travel Towel

About: The Swell Poncho gives you the ability to change easily, dry off quickly, and mostly importantly – being instantly cozy and warm after playing in the chilly waters. The compact Travel Towel is lightweight and small yet large enough to dry you off with it’s quick-dry microfiber. Material: Terry-microfiber (poncho), Quick-dry Microfiber (towel) Weight: 32ozContinue reading “GEAR REVIEW// FreeFlow Swell Poncho, Travel Towel”

MINI MOVIE // A Sweet Surprise- We drove 1,900 miles after being gone a year to visit family!

2020 was a hard year. Especially if you didn’t get to see family. While it was our choice to go to Florida to live on a boat during the Pandemic, it was still very hard to be separated from family, and not even be able to visit for holidays, Birthdays, special occasions and even weddings.Continue reading “MINI MOVIE // A Sweet Surprise- We drove 1,900 miles after being gone a year to visit family!”

GEAR REVIEW // Sand Cloud Turkish Cotton Beach Towels

I noticed Sand Cloud while scrolling one day on Facebook. I saw a video of a guy laying the towel flat in a pool and then taking it back out of the pool, without it getting soaked. Honestly, I was a little amazed. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it and kept scrolling.Continue reading “GEAR REVIEW // Sand Cloud Turkish Cotton Beach Towels”

FL Keys Trip, Part 1 of 4- Stuart -> Biscayne Bay

12/13/20-Our time in Stuart, FL came to an end December 4th, 2020 when Steve finished his 2nd class (Boat Surveying) at the Chapman’s School of Seamanship. We were free to start our full time boat life now! Our plans from the beginning were to head to the Bahamas in early December, however we decided toContinue reading “FL Keys Trip, Part 1 of 4- Stuart -> Biscayne Bay”

How to host a Boat Renaming Ceremony

What is a boat renaming ceremony? Basically it’s a celebration of your new-to-you boat! On a more detailed level, It’s a time honored tradition to appease the Sea God, Poseidon. Different from a boat christening, the renaming ceremony signifies getting rid of the “old” or current name and bestowing your vessel with the new nameContinue reading “How to host a Boat Renaming Ceremony”

ANCHORAGE // Little Crawl Key/Curry Hammock State Park, Jan. 27th, 2021

Rating: 5 Anchors! We found out about this little hurricane hole from our neighbors on M/Y Willow at Yacht Haven Marina near Boot Key Harbor, Marathon down in the Florida Keys. They raved about it and how they had plans to go there almost every week because they loved it so much. Not only isContinue reading “ANCHORAGE // Little Crawl Key/Curry Hammock State Park, Jan. 27th, 2021”

SIMPLY JUST Paddling // Exploring a Mangrove Tunnel, Curry Hammock State Park

No talking…simply just paddling! Luckily our anchorage for the week was near the very start of a mangrove tunnel and what is a part of the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail! We had an absolute blast exploring by doing an out and back of this tunnel and seeing lots of large iguanas along the way!

SIMPLY JUST Snorkeling // Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys

Our family took a break from sailing for the day and stopped at Looe Key Reef. Cody, our son, got some great footage including a shark, turtle, and HUGE spotted eagle ray! He also edited this video! Looe Key Reef is about 5 miles south of Ramrod Key and about 8 miles southwest of BigContinue reading “SIMPLY JUST Snorkeling // Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys”