Captain’s Log 5/27/20

As promised it has been a while since I checked in. It will get better…well maybe not. First off thank you all that left words of  support and advice! I have not worked through all of it yet as we have  been busy shifting from a home based life to packing the van up and shifting down to New Mexico and then finally out to Florida. I am very excited to connect with these amazing resources offered as we get a bit more in the groove of resettling. 

Since I last posted we have done  a few things such as started social media stuff to track our journey  (failures and successes) and it will not be all bikinis and boat drinks,  I mean who really wants to see me in a bikini anyways??

 Additionally, we had my sister and her family check out a catamaran for us and after that walk through and some chatter back and forth we have  made an offer (which was accepted), and ordered the survey on it! Will keep everyone posted as to how that progresses. Bonus is that we had apparently met the owners through some non profit work years ago, and  they too were based in Colorado! So yeah, we’re buying a boat without  ever seeing it in person…staying true to the Hitchcock way of life I  guess.

Lastly, I have enrolled in an ASA 101/103 sailing course as well as a Professional Mariner Training course and a Yacht and Small Craft Surveying course which will keep me in school until early December. This will be awesome to learn a bit more about boats and such  and will be invaluable as we journey into the blue! 


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