Captain’s Log 7/18/20

I couldn’t figure out how to add pictures so you’ll have to read…

Time for another update! All is well

In hot and humid Florida, we’ve been spending almost every day on the cat and enjoying getting lots of work done. The boat was left in fantastic shape when we bought her, but we needed to get a few things dialed in as well as learn the systems. To be honest we just want to absorb as much as we can about this “home”. I enjoy knowing as much as I can about things so I can look for potential failure points as well as learn how to fix/adapt before they actually fail, which means lots of quite thinking time staring at the thing and well trying to sort it out in my head. This process takes time for me, and once you add a rum drink it takes that much longer.

A few weeks ago I met up with a brilliant sailmaker thanks to an intro from Melody, thanks Melody!! The sailmaker walked me through the condition of our main sail as well as the way to fix just about anything that may go word while under way. It was a fantastic experience and very much appreciated.

Last week I drove down south to Melbourne and helped a guy move his Leopard 38 (catamaran much like ours) 40 miles up to a survey and then back down to his house. It was a great way to learn about catamarans and I enjoyed sailing and motoring it both in the Intercoastal waterway and the Atlantic Ocean. The intercoastal is lovingly called the Ditch and it is a slightly inland 3000 mile waterway that boaters can use to navigate from Boston to the Keys with limited open ocean time.

This week I am sewing some on the main sail, working to fix the fridge, replacing some reefing lines, and polishing the hull. Much to do before our next leg down in Stuart for Mariner training.

Randi has a fantastic youtube set up where she has made some great videos of our adventures. Much more reliable than my updates!


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