GEAR REVIEW // Sand Cloud Turkish Cotton Beach Towels

MSRP- $48-$68. Sand Cloud Website

I noticed Sand Cloud while scrolling one day on Facebook. I saw a video of a guy laying the towel flat in a pool and then taking it back out of the pool, without it getting soaked. Honestly, I was a little amazed. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it and kept scrolling. Later, I went back to actually watch the whole video and to listen to their “spiel”. It was a funny video, and like I said before, piqued my interest. I did some more investigating on their Facebook page and website. Not only did the product itself interest me, but also their story, and the fact that they give 10% of their profits back to environmental charities that help #SaveTheFishies!

Their Story

Sand Cloud was founded in 2014 in San Diego by three friends with a dream to reinvent the beach towel. After a few years of hard work, their dreams turned to reality with an investment from a “Shark” on the hit show “Shark Tank” in 2017. To date they have donated more than $100,000 to various nonprofit organizations that support their mission to save marine life. Their efforts, and with the help from ambassadors and customers, has paid off with over 1,000 marine animals being rescued and over 500 pounds of trash cleaned off beaches. Sand Cloud has over 200,000 ambassadors (like us!) that help spread the mission of their business just simply by purchasing and reviewing the product, or even posting a photo on Instagram and using the hashtags #SaveTheFishies and #SandCloud.

The Product

These multi-functional beach towels also perform well as a sarong, blanket, throw, and shower towel! Not only that, we’ve used them as a beautiful privacy shade on hot days as well as a decorative bed cover for guests! The 100% Turkish Cotton is durable, smooth, soft and lightweight. They absorb water quickly and become more absorbent the more you wash them, plus…they are sand-resistant!

Why Turkish Cotton?

Turkish cotton (much like Egyptian cotton) consists of a strong, premium, long-fiber cotton grown in the Aegean Region of Turkey. The fibers are stronger and smoother than regular cotton and become softer and more comfortable over time. Products made with the fabric are lightweight and super absorbent. Read more about the benefits of Turkish cotton here. The Sand Cloud towels are hand loomed in Turkey.

Our Take

Upon first opening the package, I was very excited that it didn’t come wrapped in plastic! In an effort to reduce single-use plastics, Sand Cloud makes a point to package their products with simple, sustainable packaging.

The cost was a little hard to swallow at first, with a $48 price tag for a 38”x64” size, all the way up to $68 for a 62”x76” “extra large” size. Before use, I went ahead and gave them a wash in cold water and let them air dry. Remember…they get more absorbent the more you wash them. I do not recommend using warm or hot water, nor do I recommend putting them in the dryer. I have also hand washed them plenty of times since we do not have a washing machine on the boat. Once they were dry, we used them at the beach as a blanket to relax on, and towel after swimming. Sure enough, they repelled the majority of the sand without any issue.

The towels were light and easy to pack in a small backpack, since they hardly take up any space. I just love laying them out on the sand because the designs are really well done and beautiful. The towel I used on the beach was the same one I used to dry off with after my swim in the ocean. I made sure to give it a good shake before I used it. I didn’t feel any sand on my skin at all, and sure enough, the Sand Cloud did an amazing job drying me off. The material is very soft and gets better over time. This is not a towel where after you use it, you never feel dry…and it’s also not a towel that when it gets wet, is heavy and gets everything else wet. Since it’s so absorbent, it holds the moisture well when you repack it to leave, especially if you wring it out well. They are fairly easy to air dry and since all of our laundry is usually dried while underway or with a breeze…they dry even quicker! After the sticker shock of the cost, I’ve gotten my money’s worth and these towels are now my go-to for blankets to beach towels, sarongs to showers, and everything in between!

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