Captain’s Log 6/8/20

Rum. Facebook asks what’s on my mind. Well it is currently Rum…as in the rum is gone which is super lame. But also on my mind is the catamaran. These last few days we’ve spent a few hours on her and I am learning a lot, unfortunately what I am learning is that I know nothing about catamarans. Seriously. S$#%. I’m not concerned about it but I do feel like I am very under-prepared for this at this moment, and what’s more is over the last few decades I have been fortunate to have  fantastic resources to fall back on for a advice and guidance. This world is so new I don’t have those resources yet. So yeah I’ve spent a  lot of time trying to figure things out and not making a ton progress,  but my thinking time is equivalent to my drinking time which is why I’m out of rum. Tomorrow I’m going to learn about marine toilets, exhaust thru hull fittings, steaming lights, and how to shine this emblem up.  Wish me luck!

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