Why We Left

I felt this question could best be answered with some bullet points (some, not all of the reasons):

  • Coronavirus made us think long and hard about what we want to do with our life
  • We’d love to spend some time with our Florida Family as well
  • Colorado Springs is getting too big for us
  • Our son is on board to travel (Say what??!)
  • Colorado winter weather exchanged for beaches 
  • Our jobs and our son’s school in Colorado Springs are uncertain thanks to COVID
  • We can live off of one income (for quite awhile)
  • We have the opportunity to rent an inexpensive house in Florida
  • We have always had a goal of simplifying our lives and reducing our carbon footprint
  • Easy to rent or AirBnB our current house due to location in Colorado Springs
  • We love the thought of being able afford to visit tropical locations easily
  • Great opportunities to visit new places, learn about new cultures, and try new experiences
  • We can provide an affordable way for friends and family to experience sailing and tropical locations
  • Now is the time. If we wait, we might get sucked back into our old routines, or we might not be able to do this financially in the future if we stayed
  • We only get ONE life. 

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