Captain’s Log 6/22/20

Just wrapped up my ASA 101/103 courses and they were fantastic. I  learned that I know so little not only about sailing but about being in tune with the ocean and the wind. I sailed successfully and fully and  managed to run a 20 mile sail without assistance. The instructor I had  was a salt of the earth SEAL that knows and loves water and wind and the  balance they hold. Captain Joe is a fantastic teacher that is not for  the timid! He knew we bought a boat and knew we had no clue  of what to do so he drilled the skills hard and heavy. To be honest the  first day was a bit rough, lots happening, lots of new moving part,  lots of “chaos” as I was quite literally a fart in a wind storm. But at  the end of the course it all started to come together and I could  actually feel it. This is all a credit to Capt. Joe of Veteran Sailing. 

 This past week was a week of firsts and we embraced them all with  enthusiasm. But I wanted the share the greatest first on this trip so  far. It is the picture below. This is Cody quietly becoming a water man.  It’s been tough on him this big change in our lives, away from  everything he has ever known. Big changes for a young man and at a time  with so much uncertainty in the world we are trying to show him that we  will always be here for him, regardless of our locations or what crazy  adventure we undertake. The picture of Cody is my first time on this  trip that I have seen proof that yes, everything is going to be alright.  

Lastly if you’re more curious as to what is going on with us on  a more frequent basis Randi has been doing a great job at sharing on Destination Adrift (FB/Instagram)

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