Captain’s Log 6/14/20

Yeeeeehaw! After a week on the boat (on land) we are sooo stoked!  Learning a lot! Thus far we have gotten more comfortable moving around  it and figuring out a lot of the systems, actually we just know where  they are still figuring out how many will work. 

We removed the reefing lines to replace them, and the mainsail and sail bag, to have them looked over by a sailmaker (thanks Melody!), we removed exhaust hoses from the diesels and will replace them once the parts come in. We  also rigged up a small house AC unit so now at least the galley is comfortable in this heat, but I still prefer to be out on the deck. I  also pulled some of the interior lights to replace with new LEDs. 

 When we get back from the sailing classes I will finish the engine  work, drop and inspect the chain, drop and stow the dingy (change fluids), run new reefing lines, and work through the fishing gear to make sure it’s all serviceable. I am also starting to figure out what  clubs to reach out to to get more experience on sailboats, I learn by  doing, so my learning/doing rate is pretty low…. 

When not  working on the boat I’ve been studying for the ASA 101/103 classes and  some of the information is making more sense now that I can see it on a  boat! I am excited to get on the water this week finally, even if it’s  not on our boat. Here are a few pictures that are best viewed while sitting in a mosquito filled sauna for full effect.

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