Captain’s Log 7/26/20

Hello all!

Good times have been had lately. The boat prep and learning curve is lessening and things are looking really good. We’ve had a few hiccups and the apparently well known adage about the cost of owning a boat is accurate…And yep, everything is priced in thousands….

I managed to sew the sails to clean up some worn stitching, we have organized and re organized the “tool shed” berth and the “play toy” berth so that we can get to things with out too much difficulty. I assume that many many boat owners simply pay for things to be fixed for them which means they carry few tools, which means they don’t need to have a well organized tool kit. We are not most, so yeah, we have to store tools. We also pulled the partially functional oven and stow it for now. I will either have to sweat on new fittings to get the replacement parts to work, or just store the damn thing. I am leaning toward storing as I am not sure we want to heat up the interior of the boat if we don’t have to. I also installed the new to us and newly refurbished by us propane grill and have been cooking most meals out on it while enjoying an evening boat drink…so delicious. I have replaced worn exhaust hoses and repaired a newly leaking water line, both requiring this new thing called “boat yoga” which is like yoga but hot and sweaty and impossible to not cramp up while getting into an appropriate position to fix the issue, so yeah, basically it should just be called “yoga”. My bad ass wife signed up for and took her ASA 101 Intro to Sailing class and survived. Seriously she had fun and did well, so glad she took it so now she can do all the work while I nap.

We leave for the next few months to go to another Mariner training school a bit further south in Fla and hope to be able to return to the boat a few weekends to see how she’s fairing. It’ll be tough to be away from our new home, even if we haven’t yet had her in the water.

More later.

Beers to the first visitor we have on board. Miss you, hugs and kisses.


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