GEAR REVIEW// Lunatec Odor-Free Dish Cloth

$8.50 (4-pack)

$12.00 (6-pack)

This product came into our lives during our past career as founders and leaders of an outdoor adventure nonprofit called UpaDowna. We happened to score a free sample during the (pre-COVID) Outdoor Retailer show in Denver, CO. That was about a year ago and believe it or not…we’re just now using it! I figured this would be a perfect item to have on the boat, so it made the trip out here all the way from Colorado. 

It is NOT your average dishcloth! It’s not even a “cloth” really. If I were to describe the feel of it, I’d say it mostly feels like a non-scratch scrubbing pad. This “cloth” is odor-free, dries in 15 minutes, and is healthier to use than a sponge. Most of the food debris also washes free of the cloth, although sometimes it does need a little more encouragement in the form of scrubbing against itself to get it to come off. It is 100% nylon and when unfolded, is about an 8inx8in square. When folded up and stored in the attached elastic hanging loop, it is about the size of a matchbox. 

It does some serious work on dirty dishes, especially pans and utensils with residue from messy foods. I’ve been really surprised after washing things that had dried/caked on food. With a little soaking of the dish, the cloth scrubbed off the food with no issues. Even food like spaghetti sauce doesn’t stain or ruin the cloth, it eventually washes out and looks new every time. 

From what I’ve seen, there has been no scratching of decorative designs off of plates or mugs, as well as no scratching of pans. After we’re done with it, we hang it from the neck of the faucet and let it dry. This has allowed us to reuse the cloth many times with no need to throw it in the laundry (which is a good way to clean it, just DON’T dry it!). For us, it’s a perfect solution to washing dishes on the boat. No stinky sponge to deal with (or throw away when it is gross or starts to disintegrate) and no stainable, cotton washcloths to throw in the laundry either. My only complaint with this product is that when I’m scrubbing a dish, because of the stiffness of the nylon material, it has a tendency to flip water out of the sink and get water on the counter and floor. Besides that, I love this product!  

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