SIMPLY JUST Paddling // Exploring a Mangrove Tunnel, Curry Hammock State Park

No talking…simply just paddling! Luckily our anchorage for the week was near the very start of a mangrove tunnel and what is a part of the Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail! We had an absolute blast exploring by doing an out and back of this tunnel and seeing lots of large iguanas along the way!

SIMPLY JUST Snorkeling // Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys

Our family took a break from sailing for the day and stopped at Looe Key Reef. Cody, our son, got some great footage including a shark, turtle, and HUGE spotted eagle ray! He also edited this video! Looe Key Reef is about 5 miles south of Ramrod Key and about 8 miles southwest of BigContinue reading “SIMPLY JUST Snorkeling // Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys”