SIMPLY JUST Snorkeling // Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys

Our family took a break from sailing for the day and stopped at Looe Key Reef. Cody, our son, got some great footage including a shark, turtle, and HUGE spotted eagle ray! He also edited this video! Looe Key Reef is about 5 miles south of Ramrod Key and about 8 miles southwest of BigContinue reading “SIMPLY JUST Snorkeling // Looe Key Reef, Florida Keys”

MINI MOVIE // Snorkeling Silver Glen Springs

Take a dive with us underwater as we explore the Silver Glen Spring in Ocala National Forest. Feel like you are one of the striped bass as we swim along with them! This is a wonderful place to take a family to explore. Not very crowded if you go early (8am) and also plenty ofContinue reading “MINI MOVIE // Snorkeling Silver Glen Springs”

GEAR REVIEW // ROXY “Swim The Sea” Long Sleeve Rashguard

Since I’m a Colorado girl and have only spent a limited time in lakes and rivers while living there, I’m not really one to rock out a rashguard. This is a new piece of water gear for me and I was excited to finally try one! After doing some research on what I wanted (UPFContinue reading “GEAR REVIEW // ROXY “Swim The Sea” Long Sleeve Rashguard”