Reflections (and lessons learned) from our first year of boat life

As I look back on our year of being a liveaboard family, all I can do is smile. Thinking about all of the adventures we’ve been through, things we’ve learned, and experiences we’ve had….I wouldn’t change a thing!  We started our journey after day 30 of the COVID isolation in April, 2020. After assessing ourContinue reading “Reflections (and lessons learned) from our first year of boat life”

MINI MOVIE // A Sweet Surprise- We drove 1,900 miles after being gone a year to visit family!

2020 was a hard year. Especially if you didn’t get to see family. While it was our choice to go to Florida to live on a boat during the Pandemic, it was still very hard to be separated from family, and not even be able to visit for holidays, Birthdays, special occasions and even weddings.Continue reading “MINI MOVIE // A Sweet Surprise- We drove 1,900 miles after being gone a year to visit family!”

December 5th, 2020 Update: A Change Of Plans…

So, ya…we were supposed to leave the marina today (Dec. 7th) but…as we’ve quickly found out living the boat life…plans change and schedules don’t matter! Watch to find out what our new plans are…for the moment. Sorry for the video sound…I was trying a new background noise reduction app! 😲

Working During a Pandemic

When our worlds got tossed upside down this past March, our careers were in jeopardy. Myself and my husband, Steve, offered outdoor adventures and classes for the public, my sister Lacey and her husband were bartenders, a musician and an artist. As you can imagine, with all of our jobs serving the public…work stopped immediatelyContinue reading “Working During a Pandemic”

Day 1 (on day 28)

4/9/2020- Well folks, here I go again, blogging! I usually do this when we (our family) starts new adventures, and that is the case! It’s day 28 of the Coronavirus Quarantine…can you believe it? Almost a whole month of staying at home. Luckily, we don’t have the virus, and we are doing our best toContinue reading “Day 1 (on day 28)”