Reflections (and lessons learned) from our first year of boat life

As I look back on our year of being a liveaboard family, all I can do is smile. Thinking about all of the adventures we’ve been through, things we’ve learned, and experiences we’ve had….I wouldn’t change a thing!  We started our journey after day 30 of the COVID isolation in April, 2020. After assessing ourContinue reading “Reflections (and lessons learned) from our first year of boat life”

DESTINATION: Stuart, FL // Our Maiden Voyage Down the Florida ICW

This was the moment we’d been waiting for! The maiden voyage of Konstantina. Join the adventure as we sail from St. Augustine, FL to Stuart along the Florida Intracoastal Waterway. Experience what it’s like to hail a bridge tender, sail through a bascule bridge, be overtaken by million dollar boats, see dolphins, and raise theContinue reading “DESTINATION: Stuart, FL // Our Maiden Voyage Down the Florida ICW”

DESTINATION: Boat Shopping // We’re buying a boat and don’t even know how to sail!

That’s right! We are buying a boat and don’t even know how to sail! (But we’re learning!) Our new video is coming out soon and it’s all about the process we went through to find a boat including the how, what, when, where and WHY!

A bit about us…

I’ll try to keep a long story short:  I’m Randi! Colorado Springs born and raised, went to college at UMAINE (c/o 2000), was a P.E. Teacher for 8 years and helped my husband start and run an outdoor adventure and education nonprofit called UpaDowna for 13 years. I have a wonderful husband named Steve, sonContinue reading “A bit about us…”

Day 1 (on day 28)

4/9/2020- Well folks, here I go again, blogging! I usually do this when we (our family) starts new adventures, and that is the case! It’s day 28 of the Coronavirus Quarantine…can you believe it? Almost a whole month of staying at home. Luckily, we don’t have the virus, and we are doing our best toContinue reading “Day 1 (on day 28)”