REVIEW // Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina

12/20/20-Islamorada, FL- We were desperate to find a marina with diesel, water, pump out AND ice. Tried to get into Mangrove Marina and it could not accommodate our draft so we called Plantation and they said they could take us. We have a 21’ beam so for us, it felt a little tight but weContinue reading “REVIEW // Plantation Yacht Harbor Marina”

December 5th, 2020 Update: A Change Of Plans…

So, ya…we were supposed to leave the marina today (Dec. 7th) but…as we’ve quickly found out living the boat life…plans change and schedules don’t matter! Watch to find out what our new plans are…for the moment. Sorry for the video sound…I was trying a new background noise reduction app! 😲

MINI MOVIE: Thanksgiving Sail to Peck Lake // Join the adventure to Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge!

Join the adventure as we take our friends visiting from Virginia to Peck Lake just south of Stuart, FL along the ICW. It’s a part of the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge. An interesting anchorage trying to navigate it for the first time…but well worth it. It has a private beach only accessible by boatContinue reading “MINI MOVIE: Thanksgiving Sail to Peck Lake // Join the adventure to Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge!”

Working During a Pandemic

When our worlds got tossed upside down this past March, our careers were in jeopardy. Myself and my husband, Steve, offered outdoor adventures and classes for the public, my sister Lacey and her husband were bartenders, a musician and an artist. As you can imagine, with all of our jobs serving the public…work stopped immediatelyContinue reading “Working During a Pandemic”

GEAR REVIEW // Pelagic 30L Water-Resistant Aquapak Backpack

Capacity: 30 liters Dimensions: 13″x6″x24″  MSRP: $149 (but we found one on sale) Website:  PELAGIC (PE-ˈLA-JIK) DEFINITION: Adjective:1. Of, related to, or living in the open oceans and seas, rather than areas near land. 2. A highly migratory predator such as marlin, tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo, and sharks which reside in open water – amongst theContinue reading “GEAR REVIEW // Pelagic 30L Water-Resistant Aquapak Backpack”

Preparing to live on a catamaran

Since we’re counting down the days until we (hopefully) get to sail for the first time, we’re preparing our boat to be our home. Luckily, we’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time with Konstantina since June, so we’ve slowly been checking off the “to-do” list. We started with a list that theContinue reading “Preparing to live on a catamaran”

MINI MOVIE // Snorkeling Silver Glen Springs

Take a dive with us underwater as we explore the Silver Glen Spring in Ocala National Forest. Feel like you are one of the striped bass as we swim along with them! This is a wonderful place to take a family to explore. Not very crowded if you go early (8am) and also plenty ofContinue reading “MINI MOVIE // Snorkeling Silver Glen Springs”

GEAR REVIEW// Lunatec Odor-Free Dish Cloth $8.50 (4-pack) $12.00 (6-pack) This product came into our lives during our past career as founders and leaders of an outdoor adventure nonprofit called UpaDowna. We happened to score a free sample during the (pre-COVID) Outdoor Retailer show in Denver, CO. That was about a year ago and believe it or not…we’re just nowContinue reading “GEAR REVIEW// Lunatec Odor-Free Dish Cloth”