Captain’s Log 7/26/20

Hello all! Good times have been had lately. The boat prep and learning curve is lessening and things are looking really good. We’ve had a few hiccups and the apparently well known adage about the cost of owning a boat is accurate…And yep, everything is priced in thousands…. I managed to sew the sails toContinue reading “Captain’s Log 7/26/20”

Captain’s Log 7/18/20

I couldn’t figure out how to add pictures so you’ll have to read… Time for another update! All is well In hot and humid Florida, we’ve been spending almost every day on the cat and enjoying getting lots of work done. The boat was left in fantastic shape when we bought her, but we neededContinue reading “Captain’s Log 7/18/20”

DESTINATION: New Mexico // Tour of our property PLUS boat purchase and name reveal!

The first leg of our road trip out to Florida to buy a boat consists of a stop at our little property in the deserts of Santa Fe, New Mexico! Take a tour of our off-grid cabin and property, meet our awesome neighbor Katharina, hear about the boat we bought (sight unseen!) and learn whyContinue reading “DESTINATION: New Mexico // Tour of our property PLUS boat purchase and name reveal!”

GEAR REVIEW // ROXY “Swim The Sea” Long Sleeve Rashguard

Since I’m a Colorado girl and have only spent a limited time in lakes and rivers while living there, I’m not really one to rock out a rashguard. This is a new piece of water gear for me and I was excited to finally try one! After doing some research on what I wanted (UPFContinue reading “GEAR REVIEW // ROXY “Swim The Sea” Long Sleeve Rashguard”

DESTINATION: Boat Shopping // We’re buying a boat and don’t even know how to sail!

That’s right! We are buying a boat and don’t even know how to sail! (But we’re learning!) Our new video is coming out soon and it’s all about the process we went through to find a boat including the how, what, when, where and WHY!